Where to put your money in this strange world?

When you look at investment alternatives .. everything is so expensive (stocks, real estate, bonds of semi-bankrupt governments & corporations) that the best alternative seems to be cash and do nothing. But that will depress even more money velocity which is precisely what central banks want to avoid at any cost (as it exacerbates deflation), hence their desperate move to ban cash, negative rates, helicopter money, etc.

So align your strategies with the powers that be (central banks). Saving used to be the prudent thing to do but savers will probably be the biggest losers when all of these non-sense policies eventually play out. So you either spend (and do what “they” want you to do) or you hold tight sitting in cash or precious metals. But bear in mind they might confiscate your wealth, so you may as well play their game and spend on things that are important to you. As an example, I spend on home improvements – as it really increases quality of life, on my own education and that of my kids, on good organic foods, travelling the world, etc. Our time is limited on this beautiful planet, make sure you enjoy it. Saving and delaying gratification doesn’t seem to hold anymore in this strange new world. And being the richest guy in the cemetery won’t do you any good either.


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