Food Matters TV – here’s what I learned

Raw foods: It’s scientifically proven that raw foods heal the body from almost any disease (it’s actually the basis of Gerson’s treatment to cancer). Try to eat >50% raw in each meal.

Earthing: When we walk with bare feet on the ground and make direct contact with the Earth our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel happier and better. It allegedly helps with back pain, paraplegia, autism, snoring, stress, immune system, etc. Think about the process by which fruits / vegetables grow on the soil… There’s clearly something magical about it.  

Vaccinations: The medical community argues vaccinations are administered for the Greater Good. There will a few victims along the way but so long as society as a whole benefits .. we’re good. It’s a fair point, after all disease outbreaks and child mortality rates have gone down dramatically. That said, there are considerable and untested side-effects and many young babies are being sacrificed for this Greater Good. There’s + and + autism in children and long term immune system degeneration. Plenty of them contain mercury and other metals which cause long term terrible effects. Certainly do not trust blindly your doctor and do your own research before putting anything inside your own or your children’s body.

Dental fillings: Most of us have 1-2 dental silver fillingsThey’re made up of amalgam which contain mercury. If this mercury is exposed to excessive heat it will release a toxic cancerogenous gas. This won’t kill you overnight but over the years it harms your body and causes cancer. Be very inquisitive the next time you visit your dentist and do your own research.

House pollution: It is estimated that the air quality in your house is up to four times worse than outside. That depends largely on the housing materials but even if you live in a luxury house .. you’re still exposed to harmful gases. Pay particular attention to mold and asbestos inside your walls, house corners and windows. They won’t kill your overnight but overtime they contribute to cancer and other diseases. Watch “Moldy” movie if you want to know more.

Alternative medicine: The elite members of our society understand conventional medicine does not respond to our health needs. For example when Ronald Reagan got cancer, he went to Mexico and got cured without using any chemotherapy or radiation. Same goes for Charlie Sheen who refused conventional medicine to cure his HIV (he’s now going to Mexico). The elites know “alternative” medicine is really THE only real medicine available. But they can’t tell the masses because that would cause social / financial chaos. Pharmaceuticals would go bankrupt (as people start refusing unnecessary drugs), Governments would go broke (as they needed to pay healthy pensioners until they die of old age). It hurts me to say this but in today’s paradigm, it’s in no one’s interest to have healthy people.

FDA: I don’t want to sound conspiracy theorist but after watching a few documentaries .. I urge you not to trust this institution. They are not looking after yourself. In fact they will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone who may threaten their clients’ cash flows. They tried to kill Max Gerson and imprison Stanislaw Burzynski (both discovered cures for cancer many decades ago). Have you ever thought how come we can go to the moon, build skyscrapers … but can’t find a cure to cancer? Of course we can, but it’s not to the benefit of the 1%. Watch “Dying to have known” movie, it will open your eyes to the dirty side of this industry and untrustworthy institution.

Cancer: The world already knows the cure to cancer and many other degenerative diseases such as diabetes and MS. However, there’s NO money in people being healthy. Cancer / diabetes is a multi-trillion dollar industry, so the job of Pharma industry is to turn you into a compliant, pill-popping, revenue-generation unit, as young as possible to guarantee a cash-flowing asset for life. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy only work for a small number of people, for all the others .. it is essentially a tool to enslave and transform them into perpetual money making machines. The cancer often reoccurs, which is ideal from a cash flow perspective. Same goes for diabetes, cholesterol, etc. The goal is that you take pills forever, not to cure you.

Pay the farmer now or the Pharma later: Most people save money throughout their lives, only to be forced to give it all away at the end to the Pharma industry when they get old and sick. Don’t fall into this trap. Pay a bit more now for your food to be able to have a drug-free life later.

Medical practise: When you meet the doctor, understand there’s a whole industry behind it. Most of them are indoctrinated to believe that the drugs they prescribe is the only solution. They believe if its FDA approved .. then it must be good. Don’t be fooled, question doctors why they prescribe what they prescribe .. and not something else. Have a little less respect for them and more for your grandmother’s opinions. Search for alternative medicine, and don’t forget that food is the medicine of the future.

You eat what you are: Many people say you are what you eat, but I believe a better way to describe it is: YOU EAT WHAT YOU ARE. The fact that obese people eat junk food is not the problem, it is the solution to their problems. When people suffer from psychological imbalances, depression, loneliness, etc, they are more prone to succumb to the immediate gratifications of sugar & junk food. I suggest trying small things (start the day with water with lemon, have a healthier breakfast, 10 minute daily walk) and you’ll see everything gradually falling into place. You’ll start sleeping better, feeling better, eating better, improve your sexual vitality, less headaches, making better decisions, being kinder to people…

Be skeptical about “organic”: Though its better than the normal foods that you find in supermarkets, it may still get pesticides and other dubious sprays. It’s as if you replace diesel with benzine, but it’s still not a solar-power vehicle. If you really want to have full control over what you eat .. I’m afraid you have to start producing your own food.

Meat kills you: Not the meat our grandparents used to eat, but today’s meat. Cows are cannibals these days, they get fed mostly grains and powder of dead cows’ unsellable parts, which is horrible to think about. They are perpetually pregnant so that they keep producing milk. They’re full of antibiotics, vaccinations, drugs. And most likely your meat is made up of small scraps glued together with artificial substances detrimental to your health. Up to 25% is generally added water, so they can charge you more weight. We can still eat meat, just make sure it’s meat (grass-fed)

Milk: Think twice before you drink milk. Why would you drink milk that the adult cows produce (full of growth hormones) to their young calves? Do you still drink milk from your mom? So why would you do it from a cow? And why from a cow and not from a dog? Simple, because cows are the highest yielding cash-flow animal on the planet.


We spend most of the time focused on our jobs, careers and money, but overlook perhaps the most basic element of life, FOOD. We outsource it to corporations whose interest is not to feed us properly but to make as much profit from us as possible. I don’t blame them, that’s capitalism. But you should  understand the world we operate in, what the drivers of capitalism are .. and take your decisions accordingly. And don’t take my word for it. The whole point of the post was to instigate your curiosity to find out more about these topics. Start by watching the below 3 documentaries and make up your own mind. And don’t wait until you’re 60 to do it, it may be too late.

1. Hungry for Change

2. Dying to have known

3. Heal Yourself


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